Weekly Update: Week Ending 21st April 2018

A lot has happened since my last update. The piling is complete and the Rig has gone. We have suffered the worst weather I can remember but we are still making good progress. The ground beams to the Hall have been cast and we are shuttering for the floor slab. The pressure is on as the hall frame will arrive during the week of the 7th May.
We have been digging the foundation beams to the Nursery and will cast about a third of them on Monday. What a difference a couple of dry days makes as now we can at least move around the site with an element of ease.
From the start of next month you will be able to start to see the new school begin to appear. Orders have been placed for the roofing and cladding along with the windows so getting the building in the dry will be our next milestone.


School hall
Ready for the shuttering ,steel reinforcement and concrete.


Getting ready to cadt the ground beams on Monday

Weekly Update: Week Ending 23rd March 2018

We are now established on site with the site hutting in place. We have suffered a little with the bad weather but are now making good progress with the piling rig on site and working hard to recoup our lost time. The piles for the school hall are now complete and the foundations will commence next week. The design for the timber frame is agreed with the fabricator and they are now producing their construction drawings in line with the programme. The permanent boundary fence along Chudleigh Road will also be started next week.